Have your ever wondered how curb damaged rims are repaired? Do you currently have curb damaged rims that need wheel repair help and are ready to bring back to the prime of their condition?

Wheel repair is serious business, you want it done right. Professionals like Mr. Chrome utilize the best methods and sources to help repair your damaged rims for the greatest results for you.

Begin Sanding

To begin, professionals use the 220 grit sandpaper to begin sanding the damaged spot(s) on the rim. This coarse-grained sandpaper will help to remove a lot of the scuffs that are present.

When using this sandpaper, wheel repair professionals look to see what color dust is created. If a white colored dust is noticed instead of a grey colored dust, then that means there is a clear coating on your rims which must first be removed before fixing the rims.

Remove the Clear Coating

To remove the clear coating, professionals will want to be sure to remove the entire clear coating from the lip of the entire rim of the tire to ensure that the refurbished area will end up being the same color as the remainder of the rim as well as being the same texture.

The 220 grit sandpaper is used with firm strokes to buff all the way around the entire rim, therefore removing the clear coating.

Once the dust produced is a grey color rather than a white color, the clear coating has successfully been removed.

Buff out the Damaged Spots

Now that the clear coating has been removed, wheel repair professionals use the 80 grit sandpaper to buff the damaged spots of the rim to remove the scratches and smooth out the scratches. This is a critical part of the wheel repair process.

After the spots have been cleared, the 400 grit sandpaper will buff the area that was damaged again as well as the surrounding area to blend the buffed work all together, giving the entire rim the same colored and textured look.

Refine the Rim

After the above steps have been completed, professionals use a very fine grit, such as a 2,000 or 2,500 level, to smooth out the entire surface of the rim. They begin doing so with light pressure in circular motions.

Then, professionals use the bucket of water to dampen the 2,000+ grit sandpaper. Light pressure and circular motions is used to work over the damaged spots for about five minutes.

Finally, a dry 2,500 grit sandpaper is used to polish the spot once more for one minute, followed by dampening the 2,500 grit sandpaper to sand the spot for one final minute.

The dry, soft cloth is then used to remove all the dust and make any touch-ups.Professional Wheel Repair

Apply Aluminum Polish

Lastly, professionals use the dry, soft cloth to apply a healthy amount of aluminum polish to the previously damaged area as well as the entire rim to blend the entire rim together. This is the final step in the wheel repair process.

Protection is used at all times to keep yourself safe from any potential harm.


Professional services like Mr. Chrome will help you to get your rims back in tip-top shape! Contact us today to find out how we can help repair your wheels today.