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Mercedes Wheels

A high performing custom wheel finish for high performing cars

Every Mercedes owner knows the single greatest reason for owning a Benz.

It’s not the sleek, classic profile of their sedans. It’s not even the powerful stock engine under the hood. The hands-down best reason to own a Mercedes is the top-quality German engineering that goes into every car from top to bottom. That’s why both casual drivers and car enthusiasts alike have a deep appreciation for their Mercedes.

And when you really appreciate your car, it’s natural to want to show off that appreciation with a high quality set of custom Mercedes wheels. It’s an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd and keep your wheels in pristine condition for years to come.

The right custom Mercedes wheels finish can really transform how people see your car. For example, classic chrome rims on a black Benz creates that timeless luxury sedan look. Or a jet black powder coat gives your Mercedes that gives a lean, athletic look. Whether it’s powder coating rims, black chrome wheels, chrome powder coat, black chrome rims or wheel refinishing, we’ve got you covered.

This all isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with stock Mercedes wheels or anything like that. The point we’re trying to make is that first impressions matter, and custom rims will definitely change people’s first impression of your Mercedes.

You wouldn’t wear tennis shoes with a tuxedo, would you? Give us a call today. Your future Mercedes wheels await. Whether you’re thinking the tried-and-true chrome rims, powder coating rims, black chrome wheels, or even chrome powder coat Mercedes wheels, MrChrome is your trusted source for Mercedes wheels.

Black Mercedes Rims

Over the past decade one of the most popular styles for Mercedes wheels has been a custom black finish. And for good reason – black rims look great as a contrast to silver or white body paint, not to mention the classic black-on-black look.

When it comes to black wheels there are two main options to consider: black chrome wheels vs a black chrome powder coat.

Black chrome wheels provides a highly glossy finish like classic chrome wheels, but is coated with a dark layer of pigments to provide a sleek metallic look. While black chrome rims are a bold statement for your car, it’s not actually the finish most people are thinking of when they want to black out their Mercedes wheels.

Powder coating rims provides those deep solid black finishes great for blacking out your car, along with a variety of other custom  finishes for your Mercedes wheels. Powder coating rims use colored pigments to achieve virtually any color for a completely custom rim style. You can also choose varying levels of shine, anything from flat matte to high gloss.

In addition to solid black chrome rims, many Mercedes look great with a classic vibrant silver or onyx colored rims. Powder coating is great for any of these bright metallic custom finishes that naturally complement Mercedes’ luxurious style so well.

Any custom Mercedes rims delivered to your door

We’ve made it easier than ever to get your new custom Mercedes rims with our wheel exchange program. As long as your rims are:

  • In good condition, with only minor scuffs
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Not previously finished or painted

We’ll send you an equivalent (like for like) set of Mercedes rims customized to your specifications. You only pay for the cost of the finishing work and shipping.

Our wheel exchange program means you can continue to drive your Benz while we work on your new rims. Once you get the finished custom rims, swap them out and send us back your old ones and you’re good to go!

We have all major Mercedes wheels and rims in stock including C class, E class, S class, and AMG. Whatever model and year Mercedes you own, we have you covered with identical OEM rims. See our wheel exchange program to find out if you qualify.

Upgrade your Mercedes Wheels today

When you’re ready for black mercedes rims, powder coating rims, black chrome wheels or whatever style is calling your name, our specialists are ready to make your vision a reality, contact us now.