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Chrome Rims – the classic custom chrome wheels finish

A custom chrome finish is a timeless look for most cars that always keeps your rims fresh and clean looking. The chrome plating process involves applying several thin layers, starting with copper. This step is vital to making sure the following nickel and chrome layers go on evenly for a smooth finish.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that finishes for chrome rims are just shiny topcoat on your chrome wheels. A proper chrome plating process will leave your wheels sparkling, while also increasing the lifespan and longevity of your rims by protecting from oxidation and rusting. Many car owners make the mistake of simply painting their chrome wheels or using a home chrome plating kit, and they always end up disappointed when the finish starts to flake and chip after a few months. This problems are caused by the lack of a copper base coat and a quick, uneven plating process. At MrChrome we take pride in our work, and guarantee the highest quality chrome wheels finish that will keep your wheels looking great for months and years to come.

Factory Chrome Rim Professionals

There are many types of finishes for chrome rims nowadays, but none of them can compare to the tried and true shine of chrome rims. The sleekness is second to none. Factory chrome rims are the focal point to every gorgeous car. Chrome plating looks great on every make and model under the sun. What are you waiting for?

We put all 40 years of our chrome plating experience into ensuring that every one of your wheels are chrome plated into a perfect,  absolutely stunning finish.

Chrome Rims

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