Powder coating rims – the most versatile wheel finish

If you’re looking for a custom rim finish that gives a truly custom look, powder coating is for you. A powder coating rims finish can come in a nearly-limitless range of colors and gloss (everything from high gloss to matte) to fit your exact vision for your car. Powder coating is fantastic for giving your rims bright accent colors, but also great for a solid black out effect or even getting a specific metallic hue you’re looking for. This incredible versatility is what has made powder coating one of the most popular custom wheel finishes in recent years.

Powder coating works by applying a dry paint to your rims using an evaporating liquid solution. The paint solution is electrostatically charged to ensure complete, even coverage over the desired part of the wheel. The rims are then baked to properly cure the finish and ensure it stays looking great as long as possible. The result is a unique, custom finish that doesn’t chip or flake over time.

Black Chrome Plating – a sleek, sporty alternative

While regular chrome may be the classic look, many car owners have taken to black chrome rims in recent years for a sleeker and more luxurious look. While a regular chrome rims finish draws attention with a bright polish and shine, black chrome has a subtle, understated look that will give your car a sporty appearance. Black chrome wheels also goes on great on almost all types of rim material, making it a great choice for a wide variety of cars. Like regular chrome plating, black chrome is also incredibly durable for maximum wheel protection.

The process of applying a black chrome finish is slightly more intensive than a regular chrome coating. Powder coating rims must be treated with several layers of vaporized metal in a vacuum chamber. They will then be tinted black with an electrostatic coating of a pigmented clear coat finish. Finally, the entire rim is heated in a curing oven to fuse the two layers together and ensure long-term durability.

Due to the complicated nature of this process, a black chrome wheels finish is best on flat rims, without deep grooves or a deep lip. The typical length of this process can be anywhere from 14-20 days, so we ask for your patience when ordering a black chrome custom finish – we promise the wait will be worth it.

Keep in mind that for ‘blacking out’ your car, black chrome will have a significantly different look than a black powder coat. Both finishes look great in their own regards, but black chrome is generally a bit lighter in color and brighter than a solid black powder coating rims. So if you’re looking for something eye-catching, but darker than regular chrome plating, black chrome is the answer you’re looking for.

Choosing the right custom finish

All three types of custom wheel finishes work with most aluminum rims, so which one is right for your car? That really depends on your specific vision, as all three are equally durable and protective. To sum up the differences quickly:

  • Chrome Rims are best for that classic look and looks great on just about every make and model. You really can’t go wrong with a standard chrome coat.
  • Black Chrome Wheels will give your car a sporty or luxury look, and tends to work best on rims without deep grooves or lines.
  • Powdered Coating Rims are the go-to choice if you want to try something different and accent your vehicle with a bright accent color.

We put lots of careful work into every one of our finishes, so whichever one you choose is guaranteed to turn heads and stay looking great for years. Curious about powder coating rims? Get in touch with us today to find out which custom wheel finish is right for your rims to really stand out from the crowd.

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