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Alloy wheel repair specialists

At MrChrome, we always check all rims sent to us for both surface damage and out of round conditions. We conduct these wheel and rim inspections for both our chrome exchange program and for sets of wheels sent to us for custom finish work. The reason for this is simple: damaged wheels can affect the performance of your car and increase the likelihood of uneven tire wear and less stability while driving. This can further damage your car, or cause premature damage to any custom wheel finish due to stress and warping.

Even if your car feels stable and smooth while driving, it’s possible for your rims to be slightly out of round, which will ultimately lead to the unstable situation described above. We want you to be happy with your custom wheel finish for years to come, hence the professional alloy wheel repair and standard inspections.

We’ll also offer to fix any surface scrapes or scratches when we chrome your alloy wheels for you. Ultimately this is your decision, but if you’re going to invest in a quality custom wheel finish you might as well make sure your wheels are in the best possible condition. We can also repair powder coating rims and even offer chrome repair services.

Chrome Repair Wheel Services

Did you know that chrome plating or powder coating only works if your wheel has been properly maintained and repaired?

At MrChrome we take the time to repair wheels and chrome repair the correct way. Once we get the chrome rims back into their original condition, we’ll spin the wheels on a highly-precise lathe to make sure they’re perfectly smooth and round. We follow this up with a radial runout to confirm perfect roundness. Chrome repair done by professionals is crucial to ensuring the safety of your ride. Reach out to discuss your wheels that need chrome repair today.

alloy wheel repair

Re-chroming old wheels and rims

In addition to alloy wheel repair and structural damage, we can also fix dings, peeling, and corrosion on currently chromed rims. Alloy wheel repair aside, we also offer chrome repair powder coating rims repair as well.

Many times we often see customers who try to apply a custom chrome finish to their wheels using some kind of paint or home kit, or try to save money by hiring a small local shop to chrome their wheels. In these scenarios we have to first carefully remove the existing finish before we can apply our own multi-step process to the wheels.

Alloy Wheel Repair for 2 and 3 piece wheel repair

While we specialize in every form of aluminum alloy wheels repairs, including two or three separate piece wheels. These wheels often require extra work to take apart the separate pieces and inspect each part of the wheel, including any screws that fasten the pieces together.

Chrome Rims

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MrChrome is considered an expert in chrome rims, wheel repair, powder coating rims and so much more.  We specialize in alloy wheel repair, chrome wheel repair and wheel refinishing. Reach out today to speak with one of our experts.

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