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Black Wheels

MrChrome got his start in the chrome rims business over 40 years ago in 1974, right at the very beginning days of widespread alloy wheels and rims. Prior to this most cars and trucks used steel wheels made of two pieces – the outer barrel and the center – that were either welded or riveted together. While in the mid 60’s auto manufacturers primarily used steel wheels. It wasn’t until the early 70’s that automakers realized the benefits of aluminum alloy wheels: their lighter weight, greater strength and sleeker design.

It was during this time that MrChrome developed a technique for applying a durable chrome coating to these aluminum rims and wheels to increase their durability and appearance. It also just so happened to make vehicles look classier and turn heads up and down the street. Shortly after custom chrome wheels caught on in a big way all around the nation and became a multi-billion dollar industry, and MrChrome has been leading that industry the entire time. Whether you need rim repair, alloy wheel repair, chrome rims, powder coating rims, black truck rims, Mercedes wheels, Tesla wheels, chrome truck wheels and whole lot more!

Since our start over 4 decades ago, we’ve continued to innovate and adopt new technologies as they have emerged. In addition to traditional chrome rims and powder coating rims, we’re also happy to offer you all of the following to you:

  • Chrome Rims – Some traditional styles never get old! Get your rims chromed today.
  • Black Wheels & PVD – a sportier look perfect for sports cars, luxury sedans, or trucks
  • Gold Plating and Gold Chrome – to give your wheels a rich, luxurious look
  • Powder Coating Rims – variety of colors ranging from flat to glossy. For truly custom rim finishes
  • Custom Painting – we can also do custom wheel painting for multiple colors or specific detail

You imagine it, we can do it for your car or truck. And always with the highest quality and careful attention to detail.

Chrome Rims & Powder Coating Rims for any car

We specialize in chroming OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels and rims for all makes and models, even for rare and highly specialized vehicles. We keep a large inventory of OEM chrome rims in all sizes for everything from motorcycles to trucks to coupes and sedans going back 40+ years. We also do customized projects for brands like Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Land Rover, and Jaguar.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a Chrome exchange program for just this situation. As long as you have good condition OEM wheels, we’ll chrome plate a set in our inventory and send it to you. After installation, simply ship your OE rims back to us in the same boxes. It’s that easy – learn more at our chrome wheel exchange page.
It takes anywhere from 3-15 days depending on the exact custom finish we’re applying (chrome, black chrome, or powder coat). Regular chrome is quick, between 5-7 days, whereas black chrome usually takes 10-15 days for proper application and curing. Powder coating is generally the quickest, and takes around 3-5 days.
We primarily use UPS for most of the United States, however we do use OnTrac on the west coast in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon. See our shipping estimator to see costs and estimated shipping time for your location. We also offer expedited airfreight worldwide.  
When shipping us wheels for the chrome exchange program, we recommend shipping in a heavy duty corrugated box with extra padding around the edge of the rims. This way the rims don’t suffer any damage during the trip, and you get your full refund back. We need to receive the rims back within 14 days after you’ve received the new set.
We almost certainly do; we have a large inventory of original manufacturer wheels and rims for all major makes and models. Give us a call to find your new wheels today! 
If you have any questions about the type or condition of your wheels, take pictures and send them to us at and we’ll be happy to help out.
When sending us rims for the chrome exchange program, we’ll be sending you a pristine set of rims, so we expect your old wheels are in mostly good condition. By ‘mostly good’ we mean nothing more than a few small scuffs or curb scratches. Any further damage will be repaired and deducted from the deposit placed with the exchange.
Our warranty policy differs slightly from car manufacturer to manufacturer. For many of our chrome plated rims we’re able to offer anywhere from a 1-2 year warranty for any chipping or peeling. We do not cover drive-caused damages. To find out if your wheels are covered, contact us for more information.