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If you’re a car enthusiast, your vehicle isn’t just a way of getting around. It’s an extension of your personality, on display for everyone to see. One of the best ways to make an impression is with a great set of custom rims that fit your car’s style. We offer all styles of customized wheels and tires, from classic chrome to black chrome or even a custom powder coating. See the difference a high quality set of chrome wheels can make today.

Custom wheel finishes for any vehicle

We specialize in customizing high quality rims for any make and model on the market. Sports cars, luxury sedans, custom trucks, and motorcycles – we do it all. We offer 3 main types of customizations based on your specific needs:

Great wheels aren’t just for show

Whoever said ‘beauty is only skin deep’ never had a quality set of chrome rims. The multi-layered process of chrome plating not only gives your car that iconic look and sets you apart from everyone else. The money spent on a quality custom wheel finish can easily pay off in the long term by keeping your rims pristine for years to come.

Chrome Rims Exchange

For that classic look. Looks great on all wheel sizes, from 14’s to 24’s and more!

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Chrome Rim Exchange process.

Powder Coating Rims

A truly custom finish in any color to match your imagination, no matter how large your ambitions!
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Powder Coating Rims
can do for you.

Black Chrome Wheels

A truly custom finish in any color and gloss to match your imagination, no matter how ambitious

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Our wheel exchange program ships chrome rims to your door

We’ve made it easier than ever to get a new set of high quality chrome rims with our chrome exchange program. Simply send us your make and model, and we’ll send you a fresh set of chrome OEM wheels. Once installed, ship us back the old set and you’re good to go. Now you can get all the benefits of a custom chrome finish without having to leave your car in the shop for days or weeks. Learn more about our chrome exchange program.

Repair & Re-Chrome Old Rims

In addition to original custom wheel finishes, we’re also happy to touch up your old rims or fix cheap jobs done by other companies. Our wheel repair specialists can remove scrapes, curb scuffs, salt corrosion, plating separation, and most dents – you name it, we can fix it. When it comes to rechroming, we take every precaution to carefully remove the old layers and protect your rims before applying our own high quality finish. So give us a call before you give up on that damaged rim and we can save you from having to replace the whole set!

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